The adult paysite film an unhappy straight man, in an unhappy marriage who sends a message out on social media looking for a fuck with another man. ‘Str8 To Gay’ from shows us the hardcore action that follows. Dennis West stars as the unhappy straight man, and Owen Michaels stars in this first episode as the gay man answering his add. The scene is set…
straight man wants gay sex
Dennis West advert reads: “Unhappily married man, very discrete, seeks hot young males to fuck. I will rent the room, you show up and we get nasty. Only serious gay guys need to reply.” And then he hits send.
It doesn’t take long before the muscular and young Owen Micheals turns up and Dennis tells him no kissing. In fact, he takes full control of this horny young man with a load of tattoos and an eight inch cut cock.
Dennis is so desperate for cock that as soon as Owen as got his shirt off, Dennis pushes him straight onto the bed and whips his pants off. Owen is soon groaning with extreme pleasure as Dennis works on his thick cock with his mouth by licking and sucking it all over and gently squeezing on Owen’s big shaved ball sack.
Dennis then gets naked and lies on the bed and getting Owen up on the bed sucking on his eight and a half inch dick this time. Dennis growls with delight as Owen takes his time sucking on his balls, one after the other, and then back to working on his cock with his greedy young mouth.

These guys waste no time. Without using any lube or spit, Dennis turns Owen on to his side with his ass facing him. Owen grits his teeth as pain and pleasure rip through his whole body as he feels his asshole being stretched wide open and being stuffed full with Dennis’s thick long cock. Dennis takes his time as he drills Owen’s tight asshole, making sure he gets used to the thickness of his cock as Owen moans out. It’s a fantastic close up as the camera goes in and we watch that dick fucking that ass and listen to the moans and groans going on as they pick up the pace a bit.
Dennis sits up and gets Owen to sit on his cock and ride him up and down with his back towards his face. Owen strokes on his own excited cock as he bounces up and down on Dennis’s hard dick. They change positions again, and after fucking Owen Michaels’ ass in the missionary position, both Dennis West and Owen spill their creamy thick spunk over Owen’s muscular body.
This is what you’d call a slow, yet somehow fast and furious, straight to gay scene for sure.

There’s a party going on with a whole load of hookers and clients, and BSB are there to film everything for ‘Paid A Straight Teen To Be Gay’ In this hardcore episode we see Jessy Ares and slutty hooker, Sam Barclay, getting it on, on the couch.
In the last video episode, Colby Jansen finds out that his half-brother is a hooker and he invites him to a party. What Colby doesn’t know, is that it’s a party full of horny clients and hookers. He has sex with Damien Crosse but doesn’t realize his half-brother and friend, Sam Barclay is watching them.
In this episode, Sam Barclay has watched Colby having sex, and knows it’s time to get his ass on the ground and to earn some good hard money but the problem is that he is a straight dude. He goes and sits down by himself on a couch and waits. He has hardly sat down when Jessy Ares turns up and starts kissing him hard on his lips.
Jessy takes full control of the situation, his hands caress Sam’s body and between his legs as they carry on kissing. Jessy looks down at Sam and undoes the buttons on his shirt revealing his smooth hard chest. Jessy undoes his own buttons and as he pushes Sam’s head over his dick, we see all the fur on this muscular man’s sexy body. Jessy then pulls his pants down and makes Sam bend over and lick his full and heavy ball sack. Jessy growls like the hungry bear he is when Sam sucks on seven and a half inch thick str8 dick. Jessy talks dirty to him and makes his cock go even further down his throat, forcing Jessy to growl deeply again.
Sam is made to turn around on his hands and knees with his firm ass facing Jessy’s eager face. Jessy dips a couple of fingers into some drink and after smearing it over Sam’s firm butt, he move forward and licks it off. Sam’s ass hole tingles in anticipation as Jessy’s tongue works itself closer and closer to his sensitive crack. Sam’s whimpers with sheer pleasure as Jessy finds the spot and pierces his hole like a knife with as his invading, and probing tongue.
Sam is ready for his asshole to be rammed and Jessy is more than ready as he stands behind him rubbing his cock up and down over Sam’s dripping wet asshole. Like a couple of dogs on heat, they howl out as Jessy sinks his hard man meat right up into Sam’s super tight asshole and drills him doggy style.
Sitting on a cock in the living room, knowing other men are watching Sam sitting on Jessy’s cock and bouncing up and down, turns the men on even more and they fuck with unashamed abandonment. Jessy flips Sam over and pushes his cock back into Sam’s young and slutty hole, fucking him in the missionary position. Jessy Ares makes sure he gets his monies worth as they stand up and amateur fuck hard until they can’t hole back any longer and Sam Barclay shoots his sticky load onto the floor below him and Jessy’s cum oozes out over, and onto Sam’s heaving chest. Click here to watch all of Broke Straight Boys videos

Broke Straight boys’ show us how important it is to have fun at college, and BSB are there to film it all. Forget about working, that will come later, have fun, get out there and enjoy yourselves the world is your playground do whatever you want, and don’t look back! (Unless it’s a good looking man you’re looking back at and his amateur boy dick is impaled deep in your tight young asshole.) This hardcore episode stars the young Kyle Ross playing the super horny student, and Greco Rai, the bearded mature straight teacher, whose wife has just had a baby.
kyle-rossIn episode one, Kyle Ross moved into the big city from a small town in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do for entertainment. Kyle makes up for lost time in the big city, and is very quickly finding out what it’s like to be in a sweaty shop full of hot young men at your disposal. In episode one, he gets his ass rammed hard by Diego Sans, an all exclusive star to BSB. In episode two he gets fucked in a bar by Casey Tanner and his eleven and a half inch dick. As if this isn’t enough, Kyle is still hungry for more str8 cock, and this time, he knows exactly who he wants.
Kyle is in his class in college and can’t seem to keep his eyes off of his teachers (Greco Rai) cock stuffed in his pants as he walks backwards and forwards in front of the chalk board. Kyle’s mouth salivates as he imagines what they could do together. The bell goes off, and the rest of the students leave and only Greco Rai, the teacher, and Kyle stay behind. Greco is surprised when Kyle walks right up to him and cups his bollocks in his warm hand through his school pants. Greco tries to resist but can’t help it when Kyle’s sweet wet lips kiss press against his.
They kiss for ages and then after they have stripped naked Greco sits on a school desk with his legs spread as Kyle, his student, gets on his knees and sucks on his big straight cock and tingling ball sack. Kyle then gets on his back and as he spreads his legs, Greco gets in between them and gives Kyle a straight ‘A’ as he licks and chews on his sensitive young asshole.
Teacher and student fuck in all sorts of erotic positions as Greco fucks Kyle’s young hot asshole first, and then Kyle fucks Grecos virgin ass in the missionary position right on top of Kyle’s own school desk.
With a load animal like cry, Greco Rai’s cum blasts out of his throbbing dick and lands in big puddles of thick and creamy man juice. Kyle Ross’s cock twitches in his hand and his cum spills out over Greco’s still hard dick and empty ball sack.
Looks like Kyle Ross is making up for lost time, and having fun along the way, just like what college is all about, and meant to be. Party on Students, keep things cumming our way.
Greco Rai is a amateur twink and is married to his long time male partner Jesse. He has a popular Twitter page where he says he is a porn actor, musician, writer and that he is a grade a pervert who loves to hogtie young men up and have their asses up in the air for his own personal pleasure. Greco has starred in 17 hardcore movies for BSB and his last movie back in September 2015 ended up in a great orgy where he sits on Aspen’s big hard dick. Greco is a versatile mature man with a muscular body and a seven inch cut dick. He has short cropped blonde hair, has beautiful blue eyes and is five feet nine inches tall.
Kyle Ross is a good looking young man who has starred in four pay to gay hardcore movies for BSB, and his first movie with them was in December 2015 where he fucks the ass off of Will Braun in ‘The Squatter. Kyle is versatile and has an eight inch cut dick and has done some good bare backing scenes for other companies even though BSB are good at promoting safe sex. He has short brown hair, has blue eyes and is six feet two inches tall.